Climbing the hill

C. M. Sperberg-McQueen

Syd in the introduction cites Annie Haslam!

AI problem, find the highest point in a landscape, say you’re blindfolded. Most technology users never want to accept any pain, so wind up on the closest hill, not the highest. If you want to find the highest peak, you have to cross some valleys. Matt Patterson pointed out that web developers want quick payoff, which frustrates us, but we are sometimes are the same way. Kleinfeld spoke of a new place (HTMLBook) . The literate programming talk. Change tracking. Ari did semantic profiling with indirection… Liam spoke of community building in publishing. Important to gather facts, like json vs XML fatness, XQuery introspection. Change our ways, like Simon’s call for variation. Or build more. XForms adds something new, many examples. Layering, like authoring UI in Oxygen, RSDL, indexing in XQuery, XSLT in JavaScript, recursive functions in XPath 3.0. Or new foundations, like architectural forms in XML, or DITA in RelaxNG. Or non-tree markup. Or parallel parsing, or FtanML, or the XML Info-Space. Invisible XML as XML injection, echo with Cowan’s Examplotron work. Balisage as the hilltop.

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