Back in the proverbial saddle

Starting to get settled in at home; sleeping schedule starting to normalize. Had a nice time at the Kava House last night. Judd’s trying a different kava preparation method (in the Samoan style, I think I recall him saying, rather than their usual style from Vanuatu) that is delightfully ass-kicking. Two shells of that stuff might be all I can handle, if indeed you can call what I was doing handling it.

Re-strung my Fluke today, probably for the first time ever. While I’m at it, I think I’ll look into having my newest ukulele (a Cordoba Acoustic-Electric) worked on so I can put a low 4th string on it. I’m told that works better for jazz chords.

I’ve installed a plugin for this blog that will supposedly syndicate my posts to my Facebook account in the POSSE manner. We’ll see. If it works, I’ll have to start getting my Facebook house in order, which is no small thing. But not tonight—I’m on my way to Chris and Kim’s for True Blood!

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